Get Your Hyundai Model Ready for Spring with These 4 Car Care Tips

The long winter is over and we're finally enjoying some sun and warm weather: spring has arrived here in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and we couldn't be happier! Of course, with the changing of the seasons comes the need for some cleaning, and we have 4 Spring Car Care Tips to make your transition to the warmer months more manageable for you and your Hyundai vehicle. Take a look below to get started on a better spring driving experience:



  1. Give your vehicle a wash and wax. Dirt, salt, and other debris from the winter roads can cause damage to metal and paint, so wash off all the grime and head into spring fresh and clean.
  2. Clean and vacuum your vehicle's interior, too. A season's worth of tracked-in dirt and assorted trash can really pile up, so clean it all out and revitalize your cabin.
  3. Replace your windshield wiper blades. Snow and ice can easily rip up the soft rubber on the blades, leaving streaks and whole areas of your windshield un-wiped. A new set will keep your view of the road safe and clear.
  4. Check the air pressure in your tires. Cold air contracts and warm air expands; if your tires were properly pressurized for winter weather, you'll want to recheck for optimal safety, fuel efficiency, and control.

There's certainly more you can do to prepare your vehicle for spring, like getting your wheels aligned and your suspension checked, so schedule an appointment with our service center and have our team of technicians take care of the hard parts. For everything else, we look forward to seeing you here at our Egg harbor Township dealership in the near future.

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